Zero-Gravity Cocktail Glass

The project to create a zero-gravity cocktail glass failed its Kickstarter goal, but not its publicity goal.


It seems like every several months news is broke about another private space company designing, building and preparing for tests of rockets and space craft, but rarely is there any bling involved.

Enter Samuel Coniglio who has a hope to spice up the pioneering space tourism industry with his zero-gravity cocktail glass.  The glass was designed to keep liquid inside by use of grooves, in an attempt to solve the problem of fluids floating away, which is why astronauts drink with straws.

Cosmic Lifestyle Corp., Coniglio’s group, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and publicity for this stellar idea.  The campaign ended unsuccessfully several days ago, but the buzz around it and the ideas it is seeding for other luxury space cruising items continues.  Featured in dozens of news and technology vendors around the world, the publicity aspect of the project was a huge success.  Coniglio has stated the group has some alternative plans to raise revenue.  “We will organize the company in a matter that will be Earth-bound, commercially oriented, or has some kind of scientific application.”


As the former vice-president and current board member of the Space Tourism Society, Coniglio has considered the problems with designing products for the industry since the early 2000’s.  His list of ideas includes furniture, service robots and other concepts to make space flight a luxurious affair.  “The cocktail glass was an inspiration piece and fluid dynamic experiment,” Coniglio said. “It’s an object that people recognize. The public doesn’t have to know anything about space, but they get drinks and they get cocktails.”

The technology used for cocktail glass has roots in rocketry.  There is a tendency for liquids to stick to the sides of the object they are in when in space, so some rocket fuel tanks employ grooves which keep the fuel moving.  Coniglio is hoping that this technology would be used on Earth as well, maybe making efficient showers and washing machines.

They have 3d printed several concept designs and are planning to begin with drop tests followed by testing in zero-g environments by booking flights with Zero Gravity Corp., which flies planes that create brief moments of weightlessness.  While, it’s unclear how far the glass will make it into a reality, we can be sure to be hearing more and more of these sorts of gadgets as more rich people are able to fly off into the heavens.


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