Unbelievable Technology for the Freshest Sea-Food?

This has got to be the craziest and coolest thing I’ve seen in a kitchen EVER!!


Thanks to Dutch designer Robert Kolenik, we can now watch our food in it’s natural habitat, in our kitchen, while we come up with delicious ways to appreciate our pets.  This gorgeous, futuristic decor is not merely a giant aquarium to dominate the space in your kitchen, but it is a fully functional food prep space.  By the way, it’s not explicitly meant for us barbarous meat eaters — I just can’t help to imagine my Japanese grandfather grabbing a fish out and slicing up some killer sashimi.

This piece  is an L-shaped aquarium, wrapped around a storage unit, including a sink that’s virtually invisible by way of reflective materials. So how would you clean it, feed or extract the fish?  With just the press of a button the whole counter opens up automatically!


Within one of the four cabinets an integrated water filter system is built into the freshwater tank.  It was originally designed for a client who wanted a large aquarium close to the kitchen, and has spawned many requests for similarly built-in aquarium technology in some other unusual places.  OK, now I’m really hungry for some sushi, omg!

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