Sriracha 2 Go Review – Solved an Unthinkable Problem See How!


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Sriracha 2 Go Review

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The product name tells it as it is. Do we like the 2? maybe, it’s one less character to type but also cheesy. In this case it does the job and gets the point across in an easy to remember manner.  Moving on.

Upon receiving the product in which we purchased on Amazon here we were greeted with a simple plastic bag containing the Sriracha 2 Go bottle which had yet another plastic bag inside it containing the carabiner. Mind blowing isn’t it! It’s like a dream within a dream. It also featured Nutrition Facts on the back for no apparent reason which could be misleading to someone who didn’t know the bottle arrived empty.


Sriracha To Go Review


Our first impression reminded us of a mini hand sanitizer bottle.  While not innovative, it was actually a very promising sign to us. You know why? Cause we used to carry the whole Sriracha bottle with us in our cars, to the restaurant, to our friends, you name it!

But there was one problem we ALWAYS encountered and it was very annoying to our hands and anything touching the bottle.


Referring to the Sriracha brand bottle by Huy Fong Foods that most people are familiar with when thinking of Sriracha.


Every time we left it in the car, condensation would form around the bottle. Believe us when we say it, it wasn’t pretty and it didn’t smell good either. The outside of the bottle became sticky and spicy which rubbed off onto our hands and daily life. Gross?

Thankfully Sriracha 2 Go has seemingly solved this horrific problem and we have absolutely no regrets grabbing these Sriracha to Go bottles because of this.

So how does it work?

We simply unscrew the green cap and take our beloved Sriracha sauce and squeeze the red goodness in the new empty Sriracha to go bottle. Our next step was to tighten the cap back on securely. We definitely would not want this bad boy to come loose in our pockets.

We then went out to eat, of course to eat at a place where Sriracha does not thrive. Set our keys on the table, and magically Sriracha appeared from our pockets! The rest is history that you must refill and repeat. Gone are the days of wishing you had your best friend Sriracha to spice up bland food! We also noticed it makes for a great conversation starter. We weren’t kidding when we said it’s your best friend.

The verdict? We gave it 5 stars for a stupid simple item that we now consider essential! Grab it on Amazon here.



After extreme rigorous field testing and use, we’ve found it to be sturdy and have not had any problems with condensation. PROBLEM SOLVED! and our taste buds couldn’t be happier! We hope you enjoyed our Sriracha 2 Go Review!


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