SoundPEATS QY7 Review

Soundpeats QY7 Review

We admit that we were skeptical at first when we first got our hands on the SoundPEATS QY7. Reason being? Well, they’re bluetooth headphones that weren’t a band which we’ve seen before… but rather two earbuds attached by a central cord. So while not entirely “cordless” the overall feel felt like it was.

So what else could you possibly ask for?

Well these bluetooth headphones don’t fall short in the variety of earbuds and clip configurations. While there weren’t any directions provided in the packaging oddly for these configurations, a quick search online teaches you how they clip INSIDE of your ear. Naturally, we had to put these to the test in athletic settings ranging from basketball, running, tennis, and even break dancing. The verdict? They really do stick in your ear even under extreme movements.

Impressive right?

soundpeats qy7 review

Now to discuss the sound for all the audiophiles out there. We wouldn’t call it a home run in this department but then again, these headphones are merely 24.99 on Amazon. You can expect the sound you would receive with a budget headphone setup. For our purposes, and for general athletes, this should do the job. The clarity is pretty good but the bass needs some improvement. This can be adjusted to an extent with apps with an equalizer that play music other than google’s play music app (yes there are other options out there!).

soundpeats qy7 review

But that’s not all, the bluetooth range is actually really good. If you happen to leave your phone for instance in the squat rack area, walk across to the other side of the gym, you’re probably gonna still be in range! On the plus side, if you do walk outside of the range it will verbally state “out of range” notifying you that you most likely left your phone and to grab it!

It charges with a standard usb input, and comes with a short usb cable that you can charge it with. Not to mention the rest of the design, there is a power button and a volume control on the right side. Super intuitive and easy to use.

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