Robots Doing Our Make-Up

Visitors beautified by cosmetic robots at Saint-Etienne Design Biennale 2015.


How does one achieve the look of beauty in the digital age?  If the application of cosmetics were controlled and even decided by robotic intelligence, would a person’s life benefit?  Some may argue that machines are programmed to execute their functions perfectly, and may be unable to replicate the uniqueness of the irregularities of every human face.



While not an every day reality for people yet, ‘Beautification‘ is an interactive installation by Viennese designers Johanna Pichlbauer and Maya Pindeus.  They aim to spark conversation regarding what is or isn’t attractive.  They seek dialogue about glamor.  They wish for people to think about how being attractive and glamorous can relate to the movement of automation.

robots-doing-our-make-up-4 robots-doing-our-make-up-5

The three robots take on the responsibility of applying cosmetics on the faces of the participants; the machines analyze, glitter, buzz and slide over the faces each with its own blueprint.  Numerical formulations determine how much and where to apply the make-up.  It’s all on display at Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015.  The robots are upon us!

robots-doing-our-make-up-6 robots-doing-our-make-up-7



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