REVIEW: Asiana Airlines – The Tale of a URINE SOAKED SEAT

Asiana Airlines Review

This Asiana Airlines Review would not have been published if they would have responded appropriately. But sometimes companies have to be put on blast for poor management, inexcusable responses and a disregard for health/safety. You may have heard of ASIANA AIRLINES from 2013 when a pilot crashed landed a plane in San Francisco.

Here’s The original complaint.

“I understand this is probably a super rare occurrence, it never should have happened. I sat in a seat that the cabin crew knew had been urinated on. I know this because they admitted to not getting around to it and apologized that it wasn’t relayed correctly to the cleaning crew. To make things worse it literally soaked my pants because I didn’t notice it initially. I raised concern with one of the attendants after feeling my bottom soaked and it was definitely urine. Then it got worse, they simply put a towel over the seat and apologized and said wait. I waited for another 5 min before they changed the seat cushion out. Again apologized but did nothing after that! Eventually another attendant came to ask if the manager had come to speak to me, this didn’t happen until after taking off the ground and another 30 min sitting in urinated soaked pants.

The manager was pleasant and apologized profusely and offered $30. But do you think this really solved the problem? It took another 15 min for them to get a clean pair of pants to wear and then they decided they could wash my garments. Even so… Shouldn’t have taken this long to correct the problem and the problem shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I’m a super calm guy and I guarantee if this would have happened to anyone else, there would have been a big scene.

While I appreciate the politeness of your crew that day, the fact is they reacted too late to the problem that shouldn’t have happened!

Please issue either a refund for a flight or issue credit towards a future flight. I don’t want to leave a bad review publicly if i don’t have to as i own many web properties and online businesses.”

To Which they responded:

Asiana Airlines Review

Asiana Response:

Asiana Airlines Review

“Thank you for contacting Asiana Airlines. We have received your inquiry and would be happy to assist you.


We sincerely apologize to hear about your unpleasant experience during your recent travel with our airlines. It is disappointing to learn of the deficiencies you encountered, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Please understand that there was no intentional negligence committed. Unfortunately, contrary to your statement, cabin crew note that they were unaware that the seat was wet. After you had advised them of such cabin crew formally apologized. In order to ensure pleasant trip for our passengers, although we attempted to assist you by changing your seat, they note that you advised you would not like to change seats unless there were two seats which were adjacent, as you were traveling with a companion. Unfortunately, as there were no two seats together, our cabin crew promptly replaced the seat cushion. Furthermore, as you advised that you did not have any excess clothes, cabin crew attempted to locate available flight attendant menswear.


We sincerely apologize that there may have been a delay of service. However, please understand that cabin crew note became aware of your complaint right before take-off. And unfortunately, as cabin crew are not able to service passengers during this time, as soon as the seat belt sign turned off, the cabin manager came to assist you. Furthermore, there may have been some delay as they attempted to check the entire aircraft of any alternative seating and upon locating available clothing. Due to the alternative option of exchanging your seat was not available, our cabin crew provided you with $30USD TCV which is equivalent to a cleaning coupon, for use for duty free items onboard Asiana flights.

Your feedback will be included in our customer service report for internal review with our senior management team. We will work towards improving our services. Again, we deeply regret this unsatisfactory experience, and we sincerely apologize we were unable to provide efficient service.

If you would like assistance for future seat selection or waitlist assistance, please feel free to contact us via email once more so we may better assist you directly. We hope to continue to provide the highest level of service and hope that you will provide us with another opportunity to serve your travel needs.

Thank you your understanding and cooperation.



Customer Relations
Regional Headquarters, The Americas
Asiana Airlines”


Well of course your attendants are going to cover their own asses! They were probably saying FUCK what are we going to do before taking off? How would you feel if you sat down in a piss soaked seat? Not great I bet. Not only is it gross, it’s unsanitary and unsafe. People can get serious rashes from that. And “PROMPTLY” replaced the seat cushion? NOT EVEN. What the hell took so long to replace it if they knew the could have swapped it out that easily in the first place when they knew? Also, why were the attendants apologizing to my girlfriend than me? I was the one that sat in the seat. The $30 was offered sure, as a CLEANING FEE. Anyone care to explain what the cleaning fee is? How about… they should have cleaned up this piss soaked seat in the first place! That was probably one of the most insulting moments in my life. I’m embarrassed already from sitting in piss and now you insult me with $30 in condolences of using it for cleaning? It was just so hard to believe and accept at that moment. But I still had to get to my destination and wasn’t about to cause a ruckus. No one wants to get carried out by TSA.

Any American airline would immediately upgrade to first class or business class. This Airline has NO reputable management and is piss poor (LITERALLY) when it comes to dealing with problems. I’m sorry but no bibimbap no matter how good it is, could remedy this.

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