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Chances are if you’re on Facebook or Instagram and happen to love superheroes… than you’ve probably encountered some advertisements from Novelty Force. So we had to see what all the hype was for ourselves! Lucky for you we get to do the research before you buy 🙂


Scrolling through the comments we couldn’t help but wonder how it would look on a super fit person, a “normal body” and a female. We got all on team here so lets get down to business!

First off the site is super easy to use but also full of activity. If the buyer notifications annoy you, you can simply x out of the notifications and they magically stop. All the categories are nicely laid out on mobile and you can simply choose your desired product and size and be on your way!

Doing a little research on security to make sure Novelty Force isn’t a scam, we dug deep to see what platform they were using. It appears they’re on shopify which is one of the largest and most secure e-commerce platforms out there. Not to mention they provide an SSL which is absolutely essential for the security of your information. To top that, they also accept not only CC through shopify’s processor STRIPE, but they also accept Paypal, Apple Pay, and even Amazon payments!

But enough of that, you’re probably wondering how is the quality and how long did it take to receive our items?

In short: We received our shirts within two weeks to the United States. Not bad at all for free economy shipping!

As far as quality goes? Pretty badass and the fabric feels great and performs like it should! Check out our Deadpool shirts for starters.


Novelty Force Review - Deadpool Compression Shirt

Even has the bullet holes and blood stain details!

Novelty Force Review - Deadpool Compression Shirt Details

Yes on a “regular” non fit body.


Long Sleeve on a female: <3 <3 <3


and of course we had to get a superman one on a fit guy! Which looks absolutely fantastic! The blue is so vibrant!


We hope you enjoyed our review! We’re gonna have to get some more for ourselves until we can choose to be a different hero or villain each day!


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