Night Vision Eye Drops

Biohackers developed a solution for people to have excellent night vision temporarily.


It may sound like something from a science-fiction movie, but a group of biohackers from California known as Science for the Masses has developed eye drops which give a human temporary night vision.  The chemicals are still in the experimental stage but the first trial has been a success.

The eye drop solution’s main ingredient is Chlorin e6.  It is found naturally in some deep sea fish, which use it to help them find their way in the dark water.  It has been used to treat people with poor night vision.  What it does is create a microsopic chemical reaction which makes your eyes amplify low light sources.

Science for the Masses combined Ce6 with insulin in a saline solution to create a mixture which gives excellent night vision for hours.  Dropped into the conjunctival sac between the eyeball and eyelid, it gets absorbed into the retina.  They tested volunteers using different distances and backgrounds.  One was able to recognize people up to 50 meters away in total darkness and in a wooded area.


“The Ce6 subject consistently recognized symbols that did not seem to be visible to the controls,” the team explained in their full report. “The Ce6 subject identified the distant figures 100 percent of the time, with the controls showing a 33 percent identification rate.”

They say that they are fully aware that this is just the preliminary stage of testing and that there will be plenty more research to figure out if this biohack is indeed safe and suitable for use.  By the morning subjects which applied the Ce6 had their eyes return to normal and have not reported any ill effects for up to twenty days later.

Who wouldn’t want night vision eye drops?  I think they’d be great for camping, night hiking.  They could be sold to all the vampire kids at Hot Topic.



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