New Frog Species Has Mutant Powers

This newly discovered amphibian can actually shape-shift!


Sparking headlines mentioning “freaky frog”, “punk rock frog” among other things, is this finger-nail sized frog that can actually morph its skin texture in mere minutes.  The first shape-shifting amphibian ever discovered can change it’s skin from spiny to smooth and back again.  Pristimantis mutabilis, or the “mutable rain frog” was found in Ecuador’s Andes Mountains on the western slopes, in part of a protected cloud forest reserve.

Biologist Katherine Krynak and naturalist Tim Krynak first noticed the frog in 2006, but only snapped one photo.  Later, when enlarging the image they were excited to realize that it could very well be a new species.  They nicknamed the frog “punk rocker” because of it’s spiny-textured skin.

Three years later, the Krynaks stumbled upon another of these frogs and captured it in a plastic cup, to hold on to it for a detailed photo session.  When Ms. Krynak checked the cup the next morning, the frog’s spikes were mysteriously gone!  They thought they may have made a mistake, taking the wrong kind of frog.  When they looked again, they couldn’t believe it — the frog was sporting its spikes again!  This new frog is going to be the subject of a whole new range of scientific discovery!


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