New Business Suit for Surfing

The new True Wetsuit by Quicksilver gives you one less reason to stay out of the water.

If your business life has been getting in the way of your life on the waves, or if you just want to stand out on the beach, there is now a great option for you!  Recently, Quicksilver which is a brand known for their iconic surf-wear has put out a collection of wetsuits – True Wetsuits, that is.  Their aim is to mix business with surfing.


The new wetsuits were made in collaboration with Japanese ad agency TBWA\HAKUHODO.  There are three styles of True Wetsuit to choose from:  black, navy and a fancy tuxedo.  Each is a four piece suit including the jacket, trousers, shirt and necktie.


The white button down shirt uses Dry Flight material to easily repel water and stains.  The jacket, trousers and tie have been made from stretchy neoprene.  Since all three styles are designed to dry quickly, you could hit the waves before work with no problems…  (unless a shark gets ya!)

These cost around $2,500, depending on the Yen/Dollar exchange rate.  You can order them online from Quicksilver’s Japan store.




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