Live a Dream in Your Yellow Submarine

The new big kids’ toy for living a dream in a yellow submarine.


Whether you have always secretly wanted to be an explorer, marine biologist, a U-boat captain or even just a high-flying 60’s pop icon, this sweet mini-sub will leave you satisfied.  It probably won’t take you to a psychedelic cartoon land of blue meanies, it will let you go down to depths of 160 meters with up to five passengers.  The Vas 525/60 Yellow Submarine by Y.CO gives you the freedom to experience the world which is usually reserved to scientists and the military.

This little wonder is manufactured by experts in submarining GSE Trieste.  The all-electric vehicle is 8.4 meters long and can reach a max speed of 6 knots.  It has enough oxygen for a cruising mission of 8 hours, but can be stretched to 96 hours in an emergency.  They are targeting owners of superyachts, which means I should start wearing elegant evening dresses to attend caviar parties if I’m ever to ride this already classic icon of pop culture.





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