Hybrid Wolf breaks the LAW


In a sad and unfortunate circumstance set up recently for a hybrid wolf dog owner

A real life wolf and dog hybrid animal had to be turned over to the state game and fish department because having one as your own pet is apparently against the law in Wyoming. Game official Bud Stewart of the Sheridan office spoke about the circumstance during a recent Public Pulse Show.

While citing the exact law, he said, “Chapter 10 of Game and Fish regulations says no private ownership of big or trophy game animals or wolf hybrids are allowed in the state of Wyoming. “A hybrid wolf is described, in the regulations, as any animal produced by hybridizing a wolf with a dog or other species. (what other species can you hybridize it with currently?)

As for the hybrid wolf dog that was put into captivity in Gillette WY, he said a qualified person from a wolf hybrid sanctuary in Colorado helped adopt the animal out to someone in North Dakota, where the hybrids are allowed. At least it has a new home to go to!

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