Surgically Implanted Bio-Engineered Fashion Pieces. See video! It may fascinate you or weird you out!

A London based design and research studio brings a hybrid child of fashion and science into the spotlight towards the future.


“Biological Atelier” is a fashion project out of the laboratory by designer and researcher Amy Congdon.  Her work dives into the question of how textile design will influence the creation of biologically engineered products which she believes will be on the market in 10 to 15 years.  Her studio explores a future where fashion and science have created a hybrid; sustainable tissue engineering to grow products without waste and without harming animals.  The prospective collection includes a broach grafted onto the wearer’s skin and a collar attachment which has been grown from an “exotic mix of scales and leather.”



There are virtually endless possibilities when combining textile design with tissue engineering.  Congdon testifies that by engineering specific properties, products could be made water repellent or they could have color added without the need to dye them.  She also considers the future of this business, creating original hybrid materials for fashion and utility conscious folks of the not-so-distant future.



Even if the designs are beautiful and fascinating, some may be put off  by the application of grafting fashion onto their bodies.  The idea of connecting something birthed in a laboratory to our bodies could definitely raise some concerns.  To what extent will our consumer habits and fashion desires lead us to potentially hybridize ourselves to the designs of our peers?


The concepts behind “Biological Atelier” may fascinate or unnerve you, or even both simultaneously, (as it does for me — those lips below seriously gross me out!).  This is good, as we need speculative individuals such as Congdon to help push us towards thinking of ways to produce materials and products for an ethical and environmentally friendly way to maintain popular industries.


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