How to Skateboard Without the Board

The Skateboard reboot is all-wheels!


The next revolution in skating is here and only costs $99.95.  This impressive technology is by Hammacher and Schlemmer.  They are annular skates which allow a person to skate without pushing off the ground.  Simply by placing your feet on the two platforms, it is very easy to perform 720° spins, because the wheels are not connected.  The wheels are 10 inches in diameter and can support a person’s weight up to 200 pounds.  I have to admit that they look pretty cool, but I’d want a pink or purple color.  Hehe.  Check out this cool video:


This video demonstrates riders being able to slide around over street, pavement and even short grass!  When trying to skateboard with my brothers, falling onto the concrete or blacktop always made me too nervous, so I gave up easily;  with these big wheels, I would feel much safer practicing on the grass!

To move forward, a rider has to lean side-to-side, as if the person’s legs are moving like a snake.  To make it easier and faster to learn how to ride, a rod which can be extended connects the ring-like wheels together.  I’m sure there will be some funny fail videos with these at some point, but they seem really easy to learn, maybe even easier than roller-blades.


A lot of people, remember seeing those classic Back to the Future movies and those cool hover boards that were in the second and third ones.  This is not quite that, but maybe a step in the right direction.  It appears that a small silicon valley company is developing the technology, however.  Check that out here.

This skateboard reboot is designed for ages 8 and up.  I wonder if and when people will try more stunts with them.  Maybe you will be the Tony Hawk of the sidewinding circular skates!?


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