How Double Down Dogs From KFC Could Wreck You M8

We truly believe science has gone too far now. Way too far.



My friends, you’re going to have a heart attack. It is as it appears, a juicy fried chicken hot dog bun on the exterior and a hot dog in the middle. Topped off with sauce. It is currently only being sold in the Philippines. But why? We really don’t know but we do know is that the Double Down Dogs keep selling out on a consistent basis.

So here’s why it will probably kill you tomorrow when you book a flight to Manila.

Scientific Calorie Count and nutrition information:

490 in the oh so crispy fried chicken breast ALONE.

315 calories in an average hot dog

157 calories in the packet of cheese sauce that you can smother it with.

Do the math and it equates to only 962 calories and you probably aren’t full yet.

The average adult male is recommended to consume 2,600 calories per day . So if you’re a male you could gobble one of these down and still have 1638 calories left to play with. You could eat another but don’t be greedy as KFC is maxing out at only 50 per store per day.

Oh and by the way here is what the Double Down Dog REALLY looks like.




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