How a Twister Tower is Bringing Skepticism From Local Residents


From the Crazy Ideas Bureau, we have some interesting news today out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Local architecture firm Kinslow, Keith & Todd (KKT) has proposed a radically new tornado shaped building for downtown Tulsa, in response to a call for ideas to enhance the city. This is a big initiative considering that Tulsa county is smack dab in middle of the Oklahoma stretch of Tornado Alley and has been the site of more than 75 twisters since 1904.

The Tulsa Tornado Tower could be the future home of the Oklahoma Weather Museum and Research Center. This would include classrooms, convention spaces, a weather museum, a severe storm laboratory, multiple observation decks, rooftop terrace, and of course it wouldn’t be complete without a revolving restaurant. 


The most immediate and obvious concern of course is if any devastating twister would decide to head straight for this structure, if only for the lethal irony. However, the KKT architects insist the twister tower would be built to the same safety codes as other downtown buildings. Doesn’t seem like much of an improvement right?

Current specs have the twister tower rising to a height of between 250 to 300 feet,. It will sport a beautiful design and fronted with glass and perforated metal panels. Of course, the twisting form is designed to resemble a tornado spinning across the prairie, with a real revolving restaurant on top to showcase the twister tower.

Now obviously this is going to stir some commotion among local residents of Tulsa and it really seems to be asking for it! But then again, Tulsa has an admirable history of accepting grim humor to its geographical situation. Many local groups and organizations play off the city’s legacy of tornadoes, and the Tulsa Tornadoes played in the United Soccer League for one fabulous year in 1985.

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