Graffiti Artist’s Dicks Fix Potholes

Graffiti artist and activist Wanksy is drawing dicks so the government (also dicks) will fix the potholes.


Are potholes a problem where you live?  In Greater Manchester, England, a graffiti artist has been on a noble crusade to be rid of them by — you’ve guessed it — drawing penises on them.

This anonymous artist goes by the moniker ‘Wanksy’ and he told the Manchester Evening News that this all came about when his friends were badly injured by bicycling on the poorly maintained roads.


“I wanted to attract attention to the pothole and make it memorable. Nothing seemed to do this better than a giant comedy phallus,” he said. “It’s also speedy, I don’t want to be in the road for a long time. It seems to have become my signature. I just want to make people smile and draw attention to the problem.”


If the name Wanksy sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the famous street artist known as Banksy, which is what the anonymous activist based his pseudonym on.  And while, we all may get a chuckle out of his antics, his local government is not happy about it.

From the town of Bury, in Greater Manchester, a council spokesman has publicly denounced the “not only stupid but incredibly insulting” actions.  “Has this person, for just one second, considered how families with young children must feel when they are confronted with these obscene symbols as they walk to school? Not only is this vandalism, but it’s also counter-productive.  Every penny that we have to spend cleaning off this graffiti is a penny less that we have to spend on actually repairing the potholes.”


Besides the fact that Wanksy is using non-permanent paint that should wash out within 1-2 weeks, the government seems to actually be fixing the potholes more quickly, according to BBC Newsbeat.

“People will drive over the same pothole and forget about it,” he said. “Suddenly you draw something amusing around it, everyone sees it and it either gets reported or fixed.”


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