Google Virtual Reality Demo Video – 100x BETTER than the picture you see!

Virtual Reality - Has Science Gone Too Far

Virtual reality (VR) company Magic Leap has been extremely quiet since it came forth with its largely successful $542 million fundraising round last October 2014. With the big boys support, backing presence with the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, and Google will make a run at Augmented Reality.

Now, for the first time in months, we finally have an exclusive peek at what the Florida based Virtual Reality startup company has been working on in secrecy. We’re pretty excited ourselves!

Below is the video of a real world, first person shooting game that Magic Leap says it was going to show at TED this week. Although the the company pulled out for reasons that are unknown to mankind.  (Magic Leap declined to speak with the press about its absence.) Notably, this video has the best of games including but not limited to lasers and robots. Of course no action game is complete without explosions to make Michael Bay shed a single, lens-flaring tear. See it for yourself because we truly cannot explain it in words:



How would you describe it? Besides F**KING AWESOME!


In an email sent out to the press on Thursday, Magic Leap writes, “This is a game we’re playing around the office right now.” Sounds like our type of work! But we can only imagine how much hard work is put into something as wild as this. This is something we’ve dreamed of and now companies are finally beginning to make science fiction a reality. One thing in the video worth noting is the highlighted feature to navigate through menus with a few hand flicks in the air, which patent filings discovered in January seemed to hint at. Has Science Gone Too Far? Or is this simply cool shit that is going to benefit mankind? We think it’s the later of the two.

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