Get this… A Chinese Electric “Urban Supercar” That only sports 10 horsepower

chinese-urban-super-car-Has Science Gone Too Far

Oh, China, you’re so silly! A Chinese Electric Urban Supercar. In today’s feature of Chinese Auto: Replica Shmeplica, Lishidedidong presents the all-electric Urban “Supercar”. It’s the absolute first and only supercar in the world to sport a thrilling and heart stopping 10 horsepower… or less. It is not the first car, however, with this general shape and styling. That title would belong to italian manufacturer Lamborghini.

The exact replicas of other cars that make their way out of the factor in China are always laughable, but this is just absolutely horrendous. To increase the irony, this 2+2 micro runs on a 72V electric motor and a 42V lead-acid battery. This CarNewsChina discovery comes fresh off Lamborghini stating that it will not be making any hybrid supercars.With a top speed of 80 kph (50 mph), this little guy can hold a charge for 150 km (93 miles), so that’s actually not too shabby for a car that will be strictly driven around urban areas.

chinese-urban-super-car-Has Science Gone Too Far

As far as size goes, this replica thing weighs 2,646 lbs, can transport up to 882 lbs., and has a wheelbase of 2,600 mm (102 inches). Just for reference, the New Orleans Pelicans manimal Anthony Davis has an 88-inch wingspan and a the smart for two pure coupe’s wheelbase is 73.5 inches.

For just 50,000 yuan ($7,985), the Urban Supercar, its hexagonal tailpipe, and its angular scoops can be all yours for pure gas free enjoyment. This will not be an instance of shut up and take my money.


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