Flying Cars in 2017!?

AeroMobil announces a flying car will also introduce autonomous technology.


AeroMobil has been pursuing the dream of building a functional and practical flying car over the past five years.  AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik has released a glimpse into the company’s future challenges remaining which the company plans to accomplish in 2017.

Co-founders Vaculik and Stefan Klein had a dream of building flying cars to free themselves from the bonds of the earth.  Natives of the present day Slovak Republic, they were highly motivated to escape the communist driven oppression in their puppet government.  The iron curtain may have fallen, but their dreams have only risen.

Vaculik has a modest but effective slogan against the problems with bringing flying cars to a middle class neighborhood near you, that is, “We need to move traffic from a 2d space to a 3d space.”  World drivers and air travelers will be just as troubled by traffic jams and lack of infrastructure to make air travel as efficient as it should be.

Another major hurdle for flying cars is acquiring the lightweight but sturdy materials to build them in a cost effective manner.  It is estimated that they will cost at least two hundred thousand euros initially, (two years from now, given current industrial trends).

The company assures that it has strong support from the EU, both in the certification required to become regulated by the government and in acquiring public funding for R&D and other production costs.  One of their selling points is the fact that the cars can take off and land on grass, allowing for landing strips to be easily placed next to highways and autobahns.

As with most new technologies of Earth, it will a product aimed at the rich elite before trickling down to the upper-middle class.  One of the selling points is that the carbon fiber two-seater “air roadster” will fit into regulatory schemes in the light sport aircraft category.  It will require a special license to get the freedom of flight for up to 430 miles.

The flying car meant for the regular (upper and top middle class) will be a hybrid four-seater with twice the range as the first branding model.  It is also planned to be fully autonomous, which is a whole other level of categorization needed for the bureaucratic pyramids governing everyone.  Hehe.

If only I were a Kardashian heiress on my sweet sixteen in twenty seventeen!

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