Fairy Tale Recycled Book + Illustration Hybrid

Being down with recycling of the environmental movement and fantastic art is how we roll.


British American Isobelle Ouzman is an artist based out of Seattle.  She finds books left in dumpsters, recycling bins and local thrift shops, and turns them into stunning 3D illustrations.  It’s as if she gives these abandoned and forgotten books a second life by cutting and pasting them into layered fairy tale scenes from her imagination.  As an artist, she prides herself in using recycled materials as much as possible and this is just one type of art she is doing.



Ouzman’s whimsical and monochromatic masterpieces are created by X-Acto knife, glue, watercolors and Micron pens.  Her works usually focus on plants and animals in several layers of surreal forests which surround her central characters.  They are starting to make a big buzz with art collectors, book collectors and recycling enthusiasts.



It takes about two to three months to complete each book, which she has been getting many offers for commissioned projects.  In fact, she is currently booked with commissions through October of this year.  According to her  Etsy site, one original piece of hybrid book art goes for around $450.  Recycle artists are getting really big right now, combining the science of environmentalism with cutting edge design.


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