Dogs With Eyebrows Review


Dogs With Eyebrows

Did you read that right?

You absolutely did and there is now a company dedicated to making Eyebrows for Dogs and we decided to take up an investigation of our own. You see, what started as a bizarre pet trend somehow made it’s way into a product.  As you may know some dogs have the appearance of eyebrows naturally, but most do not. And these markings aren’t actually eyebrows!

Here’s a little history:

First off, Dogs With Eyebrows began as a photo fad or trend with eyebrows actually being drawn on their faces. This could be done using cosmetic pencils, markers, or even mascara. This all started in the early 2000’s in Asian countries, starting with a Korean forum known as Bittalk. It would grow between the years of 2004 to 2008 which caught on in smaller communities, and humor based websites and eventually made it’s way into mainstream news and even television. The most prominent image of the bunch? Probably this one below:

Dogs With Eyebrows - Review

Notably in 2012, a subreddit was forumed on Reddit dedicated to Dogs With Eyebrows. It would serve as a gallery of all dogs with eyebrows but a further look reveals that it’s a mixture of natural eyebrows and drawn on eyebrows even though the rules state not to post natural ones…

So what exactly is the product since these are drawn on?

That’s exactly the point the company Dogs With Eyebrows was making. It’s stated that it is unsafe, dangerous because you can poke your dog right in the eyeball accidentally and it can irritate your dog’s skin. We can see the truth to that, dogs aren’t always 100% cooperative with anything plus makeup isn’t even good for our own human skin!

So we just had to try it out on one of our member’s dogs.

The result?

Dogs With Eyebrows - Review - Toy Poodle


Nothing short of amazing.

If you cannot tell or don’t know anything about dogs, it’s a Toy Poodle breed.

But even before we applied the eyebrows on Lucky the Toy Poodle we were pleasantly surprised to find the packaging it came in. As soon as we opened the envelope we knew that this was 100% amazing and was going to provide us with many laughs. It came in a simple plastic wrap to protect the eyebrows with a hilarious backing. It was easy to take out and just like they state on their site, it’s as simple as peeling of the back adhesive and then applying. Since our dog of choice was rather small (think 4-5lbs of fury!) we used scissors to trim the length a little, which is also clearly stated on their site.

Dogs With Eyebrows - Review

We reached out to Dogs With Eyebrows to see what kind of dog was featured, turns it out it was a puggle.

Does it get any better than this? Yes, it actually does. According to them, 10% of each and every sale is helping another dog through their own donations to non profit organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society and their local choice Last Hope Animal Rescue. We also think their video speaks for itself.



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