New Imitation Chinese Vases w/ LED Animations

Classically psychedelic illuminated vase designs by Moritz Waldemeyer.


Ancient Chinese vases inspired these designs by Moritz Waldemeyer.  He has completed two illuminated vases animated for a play of brilliants event in Paris, until May 31st, 2015.  He has entitled his art, “Ming”.

Using parametric techniques, he has created a complex geometry of stainless steel elements with custom LED boards, each programmed with animations.  One vase has flickering vibrant reds and oranges – like fire.  The other shows blue and aquamarine gentle animations representing water.


Opposing elements such as fire and water, are reminiscent of oriental philosophy and art as they are both important elements and symbols in Asian culture, especially Chinese.  The steel used in the structures are part of the electronic circuit, flowing with power and communication, animating the LEDs, requiring absolutely no wires.


If you thought these Chinese vases were cool, check out the interview with the artist over at

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