Biologists Discover New Species of Spider that can FLY

Ooooh snap it’s time to get out the flame thrower!

Winged-Spider- Has Science Gone Too Far


It’s an arachnophobe’s absolute worst nightmare! Researchers say they have discovered a new species of spider which has developed a set of wings allowing it fly distances of up to 100 yards at a time at speeds of around 15 miles per hour! OH shit! Worse yet, the spider, named Ungoliantitis (after an evil, ancient spider in the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings lore) is said to be venomous (as all spiders are to some extent) and could be quite harmful to humans (no known bites yet).

Like many previously unknown species of spiders and insects it is believed that Ungoliantitis originated in the South American rainforest. However, due to increased logging and deforestation, the spider is now moving north at a rapid pace. You can thank large corporations for that one.

Notably, the venom is said to be similar to that of black widow spiders which causes violent, painful, full-body muscle cramps as studied when attacking other creatures of the forest.

Biologists are still trying to determine the range of the spider’s reach into the northern hemisphere. Scientists are asking anyone who encounters one of these arachnids to report the sighting to the spider registry to help map the expansion and range of the species.


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