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Has Science Gone Too Far?

93% fail this quiz, would you?

History of Has Science Gone Too Far? (HSGTF)

HSGTF is based off a hilarious chain of advertisements that were run by officialquiz. The images in these ads would showcase poorly photoshopped images asking the users if they were REAL or FAKE. They then followed up with a saying on the image such as “99.7% can’t pass the illusion test” thus enticing the user to click through and take the quiz. Challenge Accepted Right?




Notably, officialquiz.com is no longer in operation as of February 2013. If you decide to go to it, you’ll find a parked domain page. A lovely photoshop isn’t it?



In all honesty this picture could be real. Look up Snythol injections. Very stupid, but it causes bodybuilders muscles to inflate to a cloud like appearance.


Shark-Attacks-Helicopter -Real-Or-Fake

A UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter with military personnel combined with a photo of a great white shark leaping out of the water. Hilariously, with an alarming claim that this was the national geographic photo of the year. Looks like an action shot straight out of a Hollywood movie.

But where did the caption “Has Science Gone Too Far?” come from?

The earliest found instance of a photo captioned with Has Science Gone Too Far? dates back to January 31st 2010 on the humor site Funnyjunk. This showcased the notorious photo of a seagull bird with human arms attached to it. Although at this time, it did not gain any traction.


The very first instance of Has Science Gone Too Far? Original

Of course later, it was submitted to the front page of the internet as known as Reddit on the subreddit r/funny on May 14th 2011 by the user thebeefytaco where it garnered up to 5000 upvotes and nearly 400 comments before it was placed in the Reddit archives. It wasn’t until a year later when the next abomination of Has Science Gone Too Far? was created again in Reddit when a user submitted an image of a cat with piranha teeth. Others would soon follow in the footsteps to photoshop more images making this meme cemented in history.

Presently has science gone too far meme is used in a joking manner and comes up in regular conversations as a phrase when there is controversial science. You will also see it used in funny images that spread across the web. You may also see a similar phrase “What has science done?”

It was later picked up as an official website in March 2014 and has gathered significant likes on The Official Facebook Page of Has Science Gone Too Far?

Most examples have been done in a hilariously poor manner with photoshop but Hassciencegonetoofar.com takes it a step further featuring sharp Hybrid Animals creations for viewer pleasure. It also showcases the latest scientific news and articles and has a tendency to pick articles that can relate to the concept of “Hybrid”

Elerilla - Has Science Gone Too Far - Hybrid Animals



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See the search interest over time:


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