9 Shocking Hybrid Animals that really exist! Number 2 is on the meat market

Mother Nature tends to express hard feelings over anyone who alters her original animals through hybridizing. First and foremost most hybrids are not naturally possible considering they reside in dreams and imaginations of artists that have mastered Photoshop. Secondly, many hybrids that are possible are sterile from the start.

Even when you venture towards the bottom of the hybrid food chain (if such thing exists), something as innocent as a hybrid bluegrass is not able to reproduce. Proliferation is only possible by the endless use of sprigs to create more sod.

Just like plants, the animal based hybrids are often sterile. For instance, we’re sure you’ve heard of the cross between a tiger and a lion. When created, they will only produce sterile males. Females, on the other hand are fertile but life expectancy is often short among hybrids.

Generally speaking, animal hybrids are extremely rare but here are 9 shocking examples of real hybrid animals!


9. Iron Age Pig

Iron-Age-Pig-Hybrid Animals - Has Science Gone Too Far

Iron-Age-Pig-Hybrid Animals – Has Science Gone Too Far

This real animal hybrid shows someone’s odd obsession with the prehistoric Iron Age. Non photoshopped art works found in caves  and not computers displayed a distinctive type of boar. Fast forward towards the 1980s, a Tamworth domestic sow was hybridized with a male wild boar to come close to the look of the hog from the age of iron, which was a long time ago in our own galaxy. The pork produced from this hybrid animal has caught on in the European meat market. Yes #9 is also on the dinner table. To no one’s surprise, the beastly aggressiveness of the wild boar is clearly apparent in this hybrid that pays homage to prehistoric art.

8. Liger

Liger-Hybrid Animals - Has Science Gone Too Far

Liger-Hybrid Animals – Has Science Gone Too Far

The first hybridization between a male Lion and a female Tiger was born to make that cash money! Plain and horrible reasoning. Around the end of the 19th century, these animal hybrids were mated for the sole reason of attracting crowds at the circus. Without question, they are the world’s largest cats, and those circus audiences watched in awe as the circus carnival strutted them. Also noteworthy, the Tigon is an opposite hybrid animal created by a male Tiger and a female Lion instead.

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE! Naturally, the greedy cross-breeders were not satisfied to stop right there. Without Mother Nature’s permission, Male Tigers were then bred with female Ligers and Tigons. A male Lion was bred with a female Tigon and a female Liger. The result created next generation hybrids as follows: Ti-Ligers, Ti-Tigons, Li-Tigons, and Li-Ligers. But are they greatttt? Notably the striping is very distinctive but is it right to do?

7. Leopon

Leopon - Hybrid Animals - Has Science Gone Too Far

Leopon – Hybrid Animals – Has Science Gone Too Far

The scientific madness that is known as hybridizing of big wild cats continues. Yes indeed, Male Leopards have been hybridized with female Lions, with shocking results. The genetics of the Lion shines through prominently in the head , and the body resembles the Leopard. These Leopons as they have been named, are masters of climbing. They also enjoy basking and playing in the water. A little history: The most successful creation of the Leopon occured  in Japan at the Koshien Hanshin Park, which located in Nishinomiya City.

 6. Zonkey

Zonkey - Hybrid Animals - Has Science Gone Too Far

Zonkey – Hybrid Animals – Has Science Gone Too Far

Firstly, Zebras have actually been hybridized with a large selection from their own Equidae family (think horses, donkeys, etc). They’ve also been created in some fertile imaginations with lions to bring out some interesting, but “phony” results.

The Zonkey of course, is the final result from the mating between a Zebra and a Donkey. It will come as no surprise to most that these Zonkeys are better suited for riding than pure Zebras. However, they tend to be bi-polar at times! Zorses and Zonies are also part of the big family of crazy hybrids.  The most common hybrid Equid is what we know as a Mule, simply the result of a male Donkey mating a female Horse. Nothing new there friends!

 5. Wolf Dog

Wolf-Dog- Hybrid Animals - Has Science Gone Too Far

IF you manage to have one of these as your household pet, you better plan to hire a serious trainer. The wolf of the wild is actually a pretty shy animal that focuses on hunting, scavenging, facial expressions, and body language to continue living in the wild. However, when you mate one with a modern dog, the end result known as the Wolf Dog is often known to be far more aggressive. Not to mention, it often exhibits bi-polar behavior. Are we starting to see a trend here in hybrid animals? At one moment it’s more wolf like and then before you know it, it’s acting like your neighborhood dog.

4. Grolar Bear

Grolar - Hybrid Animals - Has Science Gone Too Far

Grolar – Hybrid Animals – Has Science Gone Too Far

It would be a straight up lie to say this Grolar isn’t pretty for a bear.  The genetic makeup of both Grizzlies and Polar Bears are extremely similar but they have a long history of dislike for each other in the wild. However,  NATURAL Mother Nature Approved hybrids have actually happened out in the wild!

Mother Nature Approved

The resulting animal hybrids have been named Grolars bears or Pizzlys. The later name doesn’t do justice for these massive beasts though.

Researchers theorize that the natural dislike that these bears have historically shown for each other was pacified by extreme case of loneliness on the part of the two bears who gave birth to the Polar Bear and Grizzly hybrid. Tragically, on April 16, 2006, a hunter by the name of Jim Martell from the United States, shot it dead in Canada. We’re feeling salty too but other Grolars live on in zoos presently.

3. Wholphin

Wholphin -Hybrid Animals - Has Science Gone Too Far

Wholphin -Hybrid Animals – Has Science Gone Too Far

This rare and unusual animal hybrid is the end result from hybridizing a False Killer Whale and a Bottle Nose Dolphin. They have been reported on occasion to occur naturally in the wild. However, one can be seen more accessibly and resides in Hawaii’s Sea Life Park. But the best part about the Wolphins is that they display a unique trait among hybrid animals. They show nearly equal characteristics of the two parents as you’d imagine! For instance, a Bottlenose Dolphin has 88 teeth, and a False Killer Whale has 44 teeth. The Wolphin is lands smack dab in the middle, at 66 teeth!

 2. Beefalo

Beefalo - Hybrid Animals - Has Science Gone Too Far

Beefalo – Hybrid Animals – Has Science Gone Too Far

It actually sounds kind of tasty. You might not have known but domestic cows have been hybridized with the American Bison for decades already! The battle against cholesterol in the 80’s drove up demand for the lean and wait for it… the low cholesterol Beefalo meat. The Beefalo meat is still on the market today, although original buffalo meat and lean cuts of cow beef  have definitely driven down the demand for the Beefalo meat market.

Noteworthy: The Zubron is a very similar hybrid.  It consists of hybridizing a domestic cow and a male European Bison.

 1. Cama

Cama - Hybrid Animals - Has Science Gone Too Far

Cama – Hybrid Animals – Has Science Gone Too Far

The hybridization of a camel and a llama has been named a Cama. The large difference in size between camels and llama deems that this fusion is accomplished through artificial insemination. The smaller llamas have come to appreciate this courtesy. Surprisingly, the Cama’s end result is stuck with the long tails and short ears of the camel. The llama’s genetics shine through the cloven hooves. These hybrid animals are rather cute especially as babies, though hump-less.

Cama Baby - Hybrid Animals - Has Science Gone Too Far

Cama Baby – Hybrid Animals – Has Science Gone Too Far


Our challenge to you? Catch’Em All!

Capture one of each in your pokeball and let your imaginations run wild! For instance you can ride your Zonkey into the heat of battle and then procced to have your best friend the Wolf Dog hunt down a Grolar for you to capture. You’ll then take things to the next level by hopping on a humpless Cama as your transportation to the local Beefalo farm. Of course you’ll do this to capitalize and start the revival of the Beefalo industry. Once you’ve made your fortune you’ll want to take an oceanic vacation in which you’ll encounter a wild Wholphin which is similar to trying to catch mew. Good luck you only get one chance.

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