7 Things Women Unfairly Pay More For

Several instances of gender pricing discrimination against American women.

Being a lady ain’t easy — and it ain’t cheap neither!

In the last couple months gender inequality of salaries has been hitting the news, and now this informative yet infuriating video has come to light by the good people over at The Daily Share has documented actual discriminatory pricing of products and services.  I’ve only really noticed this in regards to color — pink things are more expensive.

As the voiceover in the video states, “Women often pay more than men… even when they’re buying a similar product.”  Actually around $1,350 more than men a year, according to Forbes.  This sexist business policy is simply for anyone who identifies as a woman (or at least buys products geared to ladies) — a “lady tax” if you will.

In a visually simple though dramatic and damning way, The Daily Share shows us side-by-side examples of products they found which are irrefutable proof that this is a practice which occurs regularly.  Everything from face cream to dry cleaning for the exact same shirt, each case points out that the product or service for women costs at least a dollar more than an identical male geared product.

Here are some screen shots of their examples:

1.  Lady Razor VS Guy Razor


2.  [Lady] Perfume VS [Guy] Cologne


3.  Lady Haircut VS Guy Haircut


4.  Women’s Facial Cream VS Men’s Facial Cream


5.  Long-Term Care Insurance 4 Women VS Long-Term Care Insurance 4 Men


6.  Dry Cleaning for a Woman VS Dry Cleaning for a Man

*Note: It’s the same exact shirt!!!*


Equally damning to the evidence was the response by some of the companies putting out these products;  “Both Narciso Rodriguez and Schick refused to comment,” The Daily Share wrote on their YouTube.  “While Neutrogena stated that their pricing variations ‘are related to a number of factors, including packaging differences, modifications of the formulation that impact the manufacturing process, and the discretion of each retailer.'”

In America, where we are pushing for equal rights and respect for our LGBQT community, we are still met by simple, old-fashioned sexism in our businesses.  (As outrageous as it is!)  [Since watching the video, I am planning to investigate out here in Japan for similar practices, though I’m assuming it will be the same or even worse.]

The woman in the video, increasingly enraged blurts out, “Does everything pink cost more?!”  It seems to be the case:

7.  A Pink Pillow VS A Brown Pillow


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