2D Bags Review – The Cartoon Bag That Makes You Think Really Hard

On the table of HSGTF judgement today we have an amazing and trippy 2D Bag.

Specifically a 2D Bags Review of Cartoonbag.com

A quick browse through of the site will leave you wondering if these are real or not. Let us tell you, they definitely are real! Their appearance makes it seem like they have popped out of a comic or cartoon. So whats the catch? Do they really hold items like a “normal” bag?

The answer, is yes. In short, we got our hands on two cartoon bags and two completely different designs to stare at. We know they’re definitely eye candy but without further adieu, we’ll start off with the practical applications each bag had.

Up first is the 2D Backpack.

2D Backpack - Review - Has Science Gone Too Far

2D Backpack – Review – Has Science Gone Too Far

This Cartoon Bag sported a very large zippered compartment. We were actually caught by surprise on how much stuff you could jam into it. For instance, we were able to shove our laptop in there, some large books on hand, and everything in between. But wait… there’s more compartments! See those buttons on the strap? Those buttons opened up a secondary compartment that allowed us to either fit a laptop in snug or more books again. Now, there are two more areas of storage including the main pocket on the bottom in which you could put your phone, charger, and other small items. The one you see to the left is probably only good for chapstick, a usb cord, or a nail clipper? Use your imagination.


Cartoon Bag -2D Bag


The straps felt secure like any backpack should and needless to say we got a lot of compliments walking around with this Cartoon 2D Bag. Would we make this a daily backpack? We think we could, we even went as far as subjecting it to water splashes and the interior remained dry. You can thank that water resistant canvas material!

 Up next? The Trippy 2D Bag

This fun 2D Bag definitely does not fail us in terms of appearance. See the amazing flat design.

Cartoon Bag

Cartoon Bag

As you can see when opening it up, you’re immediately greeted with the main compartment to store your magazines, tablet, or small laptop. This makes for a good bag if you are looking to carry small to medium items from point A to point B. Not to mention you can adjust the carrying strap to your desire. We think the ladies would like these style bags as you could easily fit your touch up makeup, some clothes, lipstick, you name it!

Cartoon 2D Bag


Like the 2D Backpack that we reviewed earlier, it is also made of the same canvas water resistant material. The inner lining is comprised of nylon, polyester, and plastic mix. But hey, pictures speak more than words quite literally for this 2D Bag Review. Just look at the picture, its utterly amazing!


So whats the verdict for these trippy 2D Bags? We’d give it 5 stars for looks and practicality. You get good bang for your buck here, not too cheap but not overly pricey either! You can stroll over to 2D Bags Here

We hope you enjoyed our 2D Bag Review cause we definitely enjoyed the wacky ride ourselves.

Cartoon Bag -2D Bag

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